Thursday, June 9, 2011

Buy now or cry later.

If your not in the game buying everything you can get your greedy little hands on you are missing the ball BIG TIME!!!. Plan on a 5+ year hold, but you will be thanking your luck stars in 5+ years from now. Don't be one of theses "Guys" that either watch this happen or stay "what the heck just happened". Make it happen.Stop thinking about it and just do it. Graph is from the Cromford report.

Monday, April 11, 2011

Its all about cashflow.

When people focus on retirement everyone seems to have a target amount they need( say $1MM, $5MM, etc). That is ok and I understand why, but what I have focused on is finding something that is predictable and sustainable. That is monthly cash-flow(positive income through passive investments). I love monthly cashflow because it pays the bills and can support our lifestyle in the way we always dreamed about. The best assets that seem to do this (from what I have found) are residential real estate rental and private financing(deed of trust). They both put month into your accounts monthly and require little to no work to do so. These opportunities are all around us. We can either make things happen, sit back and watch things happen or final walk up and say "what the heck just happens" and miss out on the opportunities of a lifetime.  Sincerely, David Gudmundsen